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MARSworx is a powerful configurable cost effective full featured asset management application

MARSworx (Maintenance & Asset Record System), is an Asset Management application built for oil and gas companies.
MARSworx leverages your company’s existing investment in your Peloton product called SiteView. The ability to leverage an existing product in your application portfolio brings added value to the table over competitor solutions and enhances your existing investment.

MARSworx Advantage

In our challenging energy environment, companies are looking to reduce overhead and become as efficient as possible. They must balance risk without sacrificing safety and compliance requirements. They need the right tool and information to make informed decisions without introducing risk or non-compliance. MARSworx is an affordable solution that will help you reduce costs and gain control over your Asset Management business.

The challenges faced by companies trying to manage their field equipment & data can be daunting. MARSworx is a low cost solution that can be quickly adopted and provides these benefits:

Cost Effective Solution

We turn the 80/20 rule on its head. With MARSworx, spend 20% to get 80% of the Asset Management functionality you can really use each and every day. Expensive bells and whistles are not part of our core business.

Leverages SiteView

MARSworx is targeted to clients that already have Peloton's SiteView. We leverage SiteView with existing integrations and do not introduce another data source. No additional infrastructure is required.

Low Operating Cost

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions are heavy, complex and require expensive ongoing operational costs. MARSworx is intuitive and gets back to the basics of performing asset and maintenance management. Companies are already supporting SiteView, they do not need to incur additional ongoing operational costs.


Tailor the system to fit your business processes. MARSworx is highly customizable allowing you to define the data you want to track, how you want it to look and what processes you need managed.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance needs to be demonstrated and auditable. MARSworx keeps track of mandated regulatory maintenance and enables client tailored, powerful dashboards to manage this key performance indicator.

Easy Implementation & Adoption

MARSworx contains a functional layer quickly adapted to SiteView. Implementation can be completed in days rather than months. The intuitive user interface and powerful asset hierarchy translates into a quicker take up for user adoption.

Mobile - MARSrover

Personnel in the field performing the work need to work on the right equipment at the right time. Our mobility solution will ensure work order information is quickly accessible. Safety plans can also be accessed to ensure the work is performed safely.

Our Features

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Don Oga President & COO Don has been active in the Oil & Gas consulting industry for over 30 years. He has a history of successful project management and company development.
Dave Barbet Director & Lead Architect Dave is a Systems Architect and Software Developer with over 25 years of experience specialising in the Upstream Oil & Gas business.
Chris Newsome Director & Lead of Development Chris is a Systems Analyst/Developer with over 15 years of experience specialising in the Upstream Oil & Gas business.

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